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Spent Grain: If someone is willing to buy, how much should I charge?

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  • Spent Grain: If someone is willing to buy, how much should I charge?

    For the last 25 years we have always given away our spent grain to a farmer for free since he picks it up and hauls it away for us. It seems like a great deal for both of us, we don't have to pay to dump it, he doesn't have to pay for feed for his pigs and cattle. Recently someone inquired about buying it from us. It would be nice to have some extra income, so we are thinking about selling it, but we don't know how much to charge for it. Does anyone have a recommendation for how much spent grain usually goes for? Also I understand that there has been a lot of talk about new regulations for how spent grain is stored and handled, but we are only a small brewpub with a 1500 bbl capacity, so I don't think we fall into the regulation category. Am I wrong about that? Can't wait to hear some response on this...

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    Well we give our grain away to a local farmer and occasionally we get some sausage in exchange. That being said the disposal savings your farmer has saved you should be considered. Also, the spent has little value so I wouldn't expect much, the person most likely is aware of that as well. Could be more trouble than its worth. My 2 cents


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      You might want to check with the feds. I remember hearing the fda has issues or is going to have issues with selling spent grain.

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        spent grain

        5 BBL system brewing once or twice a week.
        I float beer to those people that take the grain away. I love anyone thats willing to go onto my text list for pickup.


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          roc-craven brins up a good point. I remember reading some where in order to sell it for feed you need a lab test on it to make sure its safe for the animals. Silly I know but hey... its big brother.

          I don't brew in the states but we see our spent grain for about .08 cents per lb. Its not a lot of money but it gives us a little petty cash in the brewery we might not otherwise have. I think somewhere in the range of .10 - .25 cents a lb is acceptable but it all goes back to the age old answer of "get as much as you can for it"