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Hops in spent grain to farmers

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  • KeatingFarm
    Both chickens and sheep eat spent grain, trub or brewers yeast. Since, hopefully, all the sugar is extracted the result is high fibre/protein mix.

    Pigs can have trouble with yeast; hops are toxic to dogs (but eat the spent grain fine); horses may colic with excessive grain: chickens are dinosaurs and eat just about anything; sheep can eat grain as well but one must be careful on the amount as it can potentially interfere with gut flora in ruminants.

    I feed spent grain to all my livestock (pigs, sheep, chickens, cows) but give the hop flowers and yeast to chickens exclusively.

    If concerned, consult a large animal vet for advice on feed ratio and appropriateness dependent on animal type, size and life cycle.

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  • 3cargarbrew
    started a topic Hops in spent grain to farmers

    Hops in spent grain to farmers

    Does anyone know if hops are safe for chickens and sheep(ewes) ? We have farmers that raise free range chicken and sheep for wool. Some hop matter gets in with the spent grain and trub, just wondering if we could dump the dry hop/yeast/trub from the fermenter into it as well.

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