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Spent grain compactor?

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  • Spent grain compactor?

    I am wondering if anyone has built a spent grain compactor to reduce the weight and volume of spent grain and make handling easier? I'd imagine it'd be relatively easy, just a lauter tun-ish vessel with a hydraulic plunger on top of it. Most of the weight and volume of the grain will just go right down the drain. I've never seen one so I know there must be something wrong with the idea, but I'm wondering: why not?

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    209 views and no replies???


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      Screw press

      Try a screw press. They remove the water, leave dryish cake.


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        My best reply is this is a solution in search of a problem. You're adding equipment, payroll, permanent floorspace and maintenance to a process that, while not effortless, pretty much handles itself once it's out if the mash tun.


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          Flottweg make, or at least, used to make, mesh belt driers that dried down to about 40% moisture - OK for supposedly economical spent grains burning. However, it didn't compress into bales or similar afterwards (in theory we were going to blow it into a silo which to feed a spent grains fuelled CHP). I guess you could use something like a hop baler for packaging into transportable bales.

          But as has already been asked - why? The effluent discharge has / had in the units we trialled, a horrendously high COD and SS, which would have to be dealt with as well as the rest of the mess of spent grains.


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            Several distillers here in Kentucky use heat reclaimed from their boiler's stack to dry their spent grain. We are talking full tractor trailers of grain multiple times a day, and very large boilers.
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