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PDP - Positive Displacement Pump for spent grains

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  • PDP - Positive Displacement Pump for spent grains

    G'day All,

    Can/will anyone recommend a brand name for a good PDP to be used for spent grains in a 40bbl brew house?

    Preferably one that won't break the bank!


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    Id go with a pondorf pump.
    Brewmaster, Minocqua Brewing Company
    "Your results may vary"


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      Positive displacement pump

      Thanks Ted,

      Belive Pondorf was bought by a company from England.

      Does anyone use diaphragm pumps for this application?


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        There's gotta be someone out there that's happy with the pump their using for spent grains. Would love to hear from them. Anyone?


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          Never saw diaphragm pump used for this....

          Pondorff is the standard. Also seen progressive cavity pumps used for this, but I think Pondorff would be better for this.
          Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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            Thank-you Phillip for your reply, much appreciated, I will contact Pondorf.

            One thing stumps me; I have a 7" spent grain outlet, yet the positive displacement pumps I've looked at all have much smaller in-let ports, mostly 1.5". This makes little sense to me.

            Any comments? Anyone?


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              Ponndorf pumps have very large openings, usually rectangular. Progressive cavity pumps can have larger openings as well, but you have to buy the right size. When you say they all have small openings, you are probably looking at a pump that is not suited for your situation.

              Some advice I have heard on spent grain pumps(I don't have one, but have used them) is that the progressive cavity pumps work well, but can blow through stators in situations where there is more air than solids. My understanding is that ponndorf pumps do not have these issues. Ponndorf pumps use an auger and compressed air. Gusmer is the sales reps out in North America.


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                jebstzer, thanks for your reply.

                I've heard Stators are a common problem, will be on the lookout for them.

                Gusmer, sales rep for N-america. Poor guy, he must be swamped. That's an awfully large area

                Ttyl I shall though.


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                  Design of the total system is the critical part. Yes Pondorff but many others as well.
                  Yes the stators are expensive to replace and therefore the dry run protection is key.
                  Usually with an rtd on the stator and a simple PID loop...but other methods also available (prox or radar).
                  Ensure you have high volume flow and low pressure air a 1-1/2”-2” line at 12psi.
                  Regardless of the size of your grain out chute, you’ll need a custom fab bin or transition sleeve that expands out to a rectangular flange to mate to the inlet side of the pump.
                  Ensure that your discharge piping is sized correctly...for a 40bbl lauter tun, assuming 150-200ft, you’re looking at min 6” tubing...sch10 ss304 is standard but I’ve also seen people use sch80 pvc with success.
                  Alex Postelnek
                  President, BrewPro Consulting
                  (561) 945 - 4584


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                    Thanks BrePro (Alex),

                    Your input is very much appreciated.

                    Let me clarify, spent grain out chute is 6" in diameter. I can make this out chute to drop straight down to the pump anywhere from a distance of 2ft to a 10ft drop. Something tells me a longer drop is better, in order to avoid the dreaded dry-run scenario.

                    Not sure what you meant about RTD or PID loop.

                    I can hook up a low pressure air line, no problem. Assume this would be used to assist pushing the grains out And place right after pump discharge?

                    Run from pump to bin is no more than 25ft, if I go for a shorter drop from lauter tun, it would be a shorter distance to bin from pump.

                    If you've any suggestions/comments, I'd sure appreciate hearing them.

                    Thanks again!


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                      Xeric perhaps?

                      Not sure if you are still looking at pump options, but i thought perhaps somebody might mention a Xeric progressive cavity from Roper Pumps. It appears to have an all metal stator to prevent wear to that. We just started looking and am leaning that way although we still need to look at Pondorfs also, and maybe the Xeric is in the "break the bank" category... I'm not really sure yet.... If anybody has any experience with a Xeric, it might be interesting to hear about here....