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Spent grain bin size?

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  • Spent grain bin size?

    Im trying to figure out what size bin i need. I'll have a 2bbl batch. I was thinking of ordering one of these:

    These spent grain bins are lightweight and excellent for storing and transporting grains in breweries. Buy FSMA-compliant containers from Union Jack Tools.

    But im concerned this may be too big. Is there a calculation i can do?

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    Based on our brewery customer feedback of approx. 4 bins for a 30 bbl batch, the bin does seem bigger than you'd need. We'd appreciate any additional thoughts on the amount and on a good calculation, too. These are great spent grain bins, but if you need to go smaller be sure the containers are FDA-compliant and have lids -- this will make sure you're on the right track with the FSMA requirements for spent grain if it's being used for any type of food (livestock, human, etc.).

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      Putting some numbers to it:

      Dry, milled grain has a density of roughly 11 lb/gal and retains about 0.12 gal of water per pound, so total density should be about 5 lb/gal. For a 2 bbl batch you should be looking at a maximum of ~200 lb and a 40 gal container. The volumes won't actually add linearly, so that's a conservative estimate and should leave some room to work with.
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        The bin in your link is the size of bin we use and can get about 1000# of wet grist into one of those. For our 15bbl system, that's all beers under 1.060.

        It'll be way more than you'll need for a 2bbl batch. A 55 gal drum or two would do you just fine.


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          Thanks all, i got a 55 gallon plastic drum with wheels! Perfect for our size.