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  • big bubbles

    More and more I observe on the surface of my beers big
    bubbles. It's not in one brewpub alone. is in several.

    Anybody observed that too?



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    Hi Fred. Reminds me of a cadence from my military days "tiny my beer...make me happy.....make me full of cheer!" In your case big bubbles=no cheer. It may be something to do with the draft line, and lesser cooling in the portion just before the tap handle. I have observed from time to time, that the first beer pulled after a pause, exhibits larger bubbles.


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      You might also want to look at your glass washing procedure / chemicals.


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        Chemicals / procedure


        Ballen is on to something, you may very well have issues with the glass washing chemicals or the procedure. Are you noticing any of the following along with the large bubbles.

        - head disappears rapidly on the beer or is non existent?
        - bubbles are holding up on the side walls of the glass?

        There are chemicals out there that are great for cleaning and sanitizing general kitchen utensils, plates, etc.. but they are not as efficient on beer glasses due to the chemical composition. If you would like more information on how to do a few simple tests I would be more the happy to assist you on determining if it may be an issue with your glass washing chemicals.


        Jason Klee


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          Since it is in all of pubs, and I don't know if it is one wort source or multiple,
          I'm thinking along the lines of unideal beer pH or insufficient zinc in your beer.


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            You might want to check out your eyeglasses, too.


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              I assume you have considered oxalate haze (low mash / sparge calcium), or indeed other particulate hazes such as filter powders causing gas breakout ? Though I must admit, when I have seen oxalate haze snowstorms, these have not caused obvious gas breakout.

              Over carbonated for the dispense line pressures and temperatures ?

              Your bars aren't washing glasses in the same washers with other items such as plates, cutlery etc are they ?