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Filling out the TTB application

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  • Filling out the TTB application

    Hello all! First off I am super excited, just ordered our equipment and are now filling out the Federal application. As everyone knows this all is a lot of work and everyone has their own speed bumps that they have to pass over or plow through. With that being said I have never seen one of these applications filled out. I was hoping I could get a peak at one. Specifically form 5000.30. I am just not sure on the specific language I should use. Also When the brewer's notice calls for the plat or diagram for the property, how specific doe this need to be. Should I submit our official "Plat" of our property? One more specific question, what is the legal description of the brewery mean? Any help would be much appreciated. Again this is a tiny speed bump in comparison to the zoning requirements we have had to go through already.
    Thanks again!

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    Legal description of the property should be on the Deed. I went to our county auditor's website to get a copy of the deed. I am renting.



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      I don't think it says to do so anywhere, but make sure you send a copy of your deed if you own, or a copy of your lease if you rent. Also a copy of your incorporation documents and operating agreement. Be as detailed as you can with your brewery layout. It does not have to be professionally done but each door, window, and component of the brewery needs to be shown and have correct dimensions. It should also be to scale, that's not required but the better the drawing the sooner you'll be finished. Ultimately, the last thing they'll ask for are 6 months of bank statements for everyone filing a 5000.9 with the brewers notice so have them ready.

      Good luck!


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        As far as the legal description, it is surveyor talk for where something is, for anyone not on the east coast it will be something like "600 ft n of the NE corner of the SW quarter section of section 3, in the township......", your county registrar should be able to help you find this.


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          I found it easier to fill out my state (FL) application first, which was WAY more involved than the Fed. app.Then basically copied the appropriate pages and sent it in. Of course this was the old days...5 years ago. Back them in the dark ages you were approved in about 10 days. Find a good insurance agent for your bonds. They can take time to procure.


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            water quality

            water quality

            Here is what worked for us living in Chicago, but if you live in a smaller city or town with a less sophisticated water treatment facility, it may differ for you.

            1. TTB F 5000.30 (1)
            3. 1
            6. Beer Brewery
            7. None
            8. The brewery is expected to open... There will not be a discharge into navigable waters.
            9. N/A

            Our environmental form was similarly simple. We are a tiny brewery in a huge city so these answers will certainly vary depending on where you are and what you are doing.

            Here is an example of what Hess did for their brewery diagram, which is what we used as a model for ours. In general their blog is an amazing resource for getting through the licensing process. Through reading their blog and these boards we were able to get our application through without any corrections needed.

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              Curious about the diagram the TTB needs. I am in the process of filling out the paperwork. At the presence I do not have a walkin cooler but I am looking for one. Do I need to wait until I get the walkin cooler before submitting the diagram of the brewery?


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                I also am curious here...

                One of the things I'm sure I'd read was that the packet, when reviewed by the TTB needed to be 'complete' and that meant the brewery was functional, already setup to the specs defined in the floor plan drawings, and any other associated required documents.

                This makes me wonder if you can order the hardware(brewhouse, fv's, bottling lines, etc), but be waiting on it, and know its arriving in less than the ~90 day response time frame, or is that wrong/dangerous? The only problem you could create, I suspect, is that the equipment is not there and if they show up for a site inspection, you could have your packet rejected/delayed? If your equipment vendor is delayed this could pose problems too.

                Do past applicants have information on that? i.e. do you have to wait until hardware arrives on site and is installed 100% before submitting a packet? Is there some middle ground? I've read a lot of other threads etc and don't recall anyone saying 100% for sure that you have to be completely done building out the brewery before submitting to the TTB or not...

                Another question, are they only concerned about the brewing equipment and not the packaging equipment?


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                  We didn't have anything in place when we submitted our TTB app. By time they had gotten back to us it was all pretty much in place, but not entirely. I would not wait till build out is complete as it takes them a very long time to get back to you on your application.
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                    We got approval without putting a cooler on our diagram. It's my impression that they want exact dimensions of the building and the equipment that will produce the beer up to and including the brite tanks or serving tanks since that will determine exactly what will be taxed. It's overkill to be sure, but as of October that overkill didn't include the cooler.

                    I'd advise having your brewhouse before applying. It doesn't have to be setup, but having it might save you from re-applying if your delivery is delayed. And there have been some mighty long delays in equipment delivery.

                    Don't forget that you can call or email the TTB. They are bureaucrats but they are still human. Nothing to be afraid of, they won't laugh, bite or call you names. Honestly they were quite pleasant and I'd bet they like the amount of crap we have to go through less than us. They have to sort through it all.