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  • Ethics over $$$$$

    I recently had an email exchange with a brewing company that had posted some equipment on this board. The seller posted an asking price for the equipment and during my email exchange I told them I would be willing to pay their full asking price. I went to work on arranging for shipping and got that handled, then after following up with the seller, they had decided to accept "a higher bid".

    I would NEVER do that to anyone. If someone wants to auction something, I have no problem with that, but to take someone's willingness to establish a deal based on an asking price, then to shop that around to work up "to a higher bid" is simply lying and cheating.

    My word is as good as cashing the check, but it seems more and more like people have no ethical commitments. I wander what these same guys do when they are producing beer. I have to think that anyone that compromises in one way will compromise in many others.

    I know this is not specific to our industry, but a broader issue in our society today, but I did want to share this recent experience. Most of the brewer's I've met in our industry seem to be very ethical, but this most recent experience compelled me to share it.

    Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

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    The cost of skeez

    With the craft brewing industry booming and driving the equipment and suppliers markets, I think that we're all going to see a decreased cost to being a jackass. I think that the idea that most brewers were pretty cool came from the fact that we all had to be unified to survive. That is not the case anymore, and as this industry becomes more of a business, I think that we're going to see more and more of this.

    Otherwise, I agree that a compromise in one area increases the likelihood of compromises in others. We all have to do it sometimes, but each successive concession highlights our willing to take the next.

    That's my cheery holiday message.


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      Anymore it seems there are a lot of things put up for sale with a price of "make offer". This to me seems like a fair way to "auction" something rather than posting a set price. I agree if you post a price that should be it.

      It could be worse. You could agree on the price, wire the money and then never receive the equipment.....yes i am speaking from current experience. I will say though that deal is with a equipment dealer, not a brewery. I have had nothing but good experiences to date buying equipment from other breweries. Buying equipment from used dealers has been a bit of a different story.....
      Scott LaFollette
      Fifty West Brewing Company
      Cincinnati, Ohio


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        I agree, that was a lousy thing to do. While I think not saying who it was publicly is best, would you pm info?


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          I had a similar experience a couple weeks ago. Equipment was posted for sale with a price. I agreed to pay the price only to be told it had gone up. I told the seller that such underhandedness reflected poorly on his character and that I’d have nothing to do with him. He was surprised by my reaction. I guess shiftless liars don’t see what they do as wrong.

          And I agree; I have no trouble with an auction, but if you state a price be true to your word.

          On a positive note:
          Sam at Red Lodge Ales is true to his word, as are the boys at Iron Horse in Ellensburg. I've had good dealings with both.


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            Originally posted by Bham Brewer
            I agree, that was a lousy thing to do. While I think not saying who it was publicly is best, would you pm info?
            please pm me to if you will, just to see if I made the right decision.


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              That equipment would have come with bad kharma anyway, and you would have regretted it.