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Operating Agreement for Husband and Wife LLC

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  • Operating Agreement for Husband and Wife LLC

    Anyone out there running their small business whereby your LLC has only Husband and Wife as members?

    I need to draft an operating agreement, and while there's a million sample OA's for non-spousal LLC's, the only things I can find for spousal LLC's cost money.

    Before I shell out some cash for one of the online forms, figured I ask if anyone had or knew where I could find a sample for such a document.

    Apparently there's a lot of stuff you don't need in an OA for an LLC where only the Husband and Wife are members... such as future capital contributions, required distributions to pay taxes, right of other members to purchase interest of dead members, etc.

    Anyway, thanks for the help/info!

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    Husband & Wife LLC

    Just find a good attorney. You'll probably spend about $500 to get it drafted but it will be iron clad. If you draw one up yourself and find yourself in a dispute in a few years be prepared for litigation. And thats going to cost you more than $500 and that is for sure. I'd stay away from the online documents especially as they relate to operations, handling disputes, and dissolution. I've seen people get burnt by those inferior products. #1 rule of paperwork is to Cover your a55.


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      we used legal zoom and that went well. we are husband and wife and we haven't killed each other yet.
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