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who gets free beer?

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    We are a Tap House and we brew off site.

    Currently, we offer 2 shift beers for bartenders, servers and cooks. All front of house folk eat for 50% off. cooks eat for free on work days.
    All employees can bring in family and friends and receive a 25% discount on the entire check.

    We don't sell growlers, but brewers can take a growler in lieu of the shift beers. brewers eat for free.

    Once we build our new brewery, we are likely to offer all employees 1 growler/week and they will be able to purchase growlers and cases at a discounted price.
    Matthew Steinberg
    Exhibit 'A' Brewing Co.
    Framingham, MA USA

    Head Brewer
    Filler of Vessels
    Seller of Liquid
    Barreled Beer Aging Specialist
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      We have tried various different policies when it comes to this. What we found out, being employee owned and there being so few of us, is that even with full free access none of us abuse it. Anything involving Kegs requires approval from the president/Brew master, but we only ever ask maybe twice a year, even then it's a 1/6th bbl. Officially it's 4 pints a day and if we don't have anything we have the option to fill a growler, anything over 4 and it's $1 a beer to recoup cost. 9 times out of 10 no one even takes the offered growler. If you trust your employees there is no need to put a restriction on their consumption because they will never do anything to hurt the company. With all of that said, EVERYTHING goes though the register for tax purposes and so on. People who are treated right and feel appreciated work harder.
      Justin Crawford
      Head Brewer
      Valholl Brewing Co. LLC
      Poulsbo, Washington