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  • septic?

    I'd imagine this comes up.
    Does anybody operate a brewery on a septic tank?
    If so could you offer up some possibilities/impossibilities, complications, results, ideas, situations?
    I hear you cant dump (shouldnt dump) Bleach but Sodium hydroxide is just non clorinated bleach(?) thanks

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    I think the common wisdom is: don't do it. You can't just go directly into a tank, you need neutralizing holding tanks, a leeching field, etc.

    That being said, there are a number of farmhouse sort of setups that are probably not all on city sewers. I would inquire with them. Places like Hill Farmstead, Rolling Meadows, to name a couple.


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      This is what we plan on doing, and you are right, there must be a holding tank before the main septic tank. We don't have all the details as the septic guy is going to talk to us next week. Try to keep you informed.


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        I know 16 Mile Brewery in Georgetown, DE is on a septic system, and if my memory serves me correctly they have a 15bbl brewhouse.
        Kevin Shertz
        Chester River Brewing Company
        Chestertown, MD


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          The BrewFarm (7 bbl) is on septic but all brewery trench drains run into a 5000 gallon holding tank and WI DNR allows us to land spread on our property (using a registered hauler). Dunno if Arizona allows land spreading but it's worth checking into if you're serious about being off-sewer.

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