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  • Not so rolling boil....

    Hey all.
    Ive been recently helping an owner of a local brew pub try and get his berwery back on track. I have only been trying to do as Im told and bring up issues as I see them happening... While there are a few that I have helped to correct (Atleast I beleive the outcome has been better), one is still glaring at me.
    ***It should be noted that Im not a traditionally educated brewer, just an experienced homebrewer, Im trying to gain experience to get into the industry in the near future.

    He has a direct fire kettle, attatched to a controller that is set to 212F. We get to a nice rolling boil, then once we get to 212F the controller kicks off the burner until it drops to like 209, which takes some time. In that time, while still hot, its not really boiling. And, the burner doesnt usually kick back on until I want to start the whirlpool... We do get a good protein break, but I worry about hop utilization and proper isomerzation since we arent truely boiling... Am I Right or just silly?

    Do we think that simply bumping up the temp on the controller to say, 215, will correct it? By either not allowing the temurature to either get to 215 or ... fall below 212 before it relights.

    Thanks all!

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    Right, exactly.
    You want your kettle temperature to never reach its set point, so it will keep boiling trying to reach it.
    We keep ours set to 220F.


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      Thanks for reassuring me.
      All the help here is very much appreciated.