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    Hey Guys,

    My partner and I are currently providing tastings of our beer and developing recipes while we finish all the required paperwork and legal aspects of the brewing business. In the mean time we are playing with different set-ups in our initial brewery. We are thinking about starting on the smaller scale between 5-10bbl brew system (or smaller if it is a cost effective way to begin) and would love some insight into what has worked for some of you. Is it better to start off with a smaller system, maybe a nano system (brew-tek) just for the licensing process and then move up equipment as we grow, or start with a fairly moderate sized system (5bbl-10bbl) that will allow us to be able to just increase production with growth? To begin production for a 5bbl system we assume we will need:

    Brewhouse (Mash tun/brew kettle) 5bbl
    hot liquor tank 5bbl
    cold liquor tank 5bbl
    brite tanks 10bbl or more or multiple
    fermenter 10bbl or more or multiple
    grain mill
    keg washer/filler
    filter (optional at first)

    Does this all sound right? As you might be able to tell we are coming out of homebrewing and like many of you trying to make our dream a reality. Unfortunately, besides some friends in the industry we dont have much hands on expierence in commercial brewing, though the business side of things we have more than covered! Any help or insight would be amazing! THANKS!

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    The HLT in that setup is probably too small. Especially if you want to do double batches on the same day. 8 lbs of grist absorbs a gallon of water in the mash. So a 400 lb grainbill will suck up nearly 2 bbls. And you will probably leave liquor behind in the tun. I'd double the HLT.

    Call up your HEx vendor and ask them how much cold liquor (at what temperature, in what time) you'll need to knock out. Ours was optimistic, but close. Add 15% to their recommendation.

    --Dean Brundage
    Owner / Unscrambler of Eggs
    Blake's Steaks Sandwich Shop
    (650) 823-3389


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      Just started myself.

      We just got our brewpub all licensed and official. Your list is very HIGH LEVEL, but you have the main points covered.

      Among the things you listed some other common place things will be:

      CIP equipment for the brew house/cold side
      Walk-in cooler
      Hop/Yeast storage
      Ingredients in a controlled area (temp, humidity)
      Plumbing and Electrical knowledge or one on speed dial of other profession.
      All your testing equipment/Measuring equipment

      All of this is just is still very high level, you will find that even new, if it can break, it will. Keep spare clamps, gaskets, pumps, etc on hand, its better than waiting to ship or for it to come back into stock.

      If you got any questions,

      Good Luck!


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        Thank you!

        Thank you guys very much for your input! These are all things we will be looking at going forward and its really great to have a place to ask questions and get solid, informative answers!