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  • food grade equipment

    Does all brewing equipment need to be certified food grade and if so, what is the process of getting it certified? I have been running across a lot of fittings that are advertised 3a certified and a lot that are not. I am hoping someone here knows a definitive answer. Thanks, Joe

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    This is not a definitive answer:

    There is no federal government regulatory agency with inspectors going around checking to make sure all of your equipment is food grade. State health departments all have different protocols for how they regulate breweries.

    Your equipment should all be food grade and as inert as possible since that is the kind of equipment which will help you produce good beer.


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      FDA cares

      If the FDA inspects they will make sure that everything is food grade and all surfaces are non-permeable and washable.

      Bill Hamilton
      The Brewer/Co-Owner
      Blue Lab Brewing Co.
      Lexington VA