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Water chemicals in FV?

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  • Water chemicals in FV?

    Hi All,

    Forgot to add my standard water adjustment chemicals during the hot-side of the process today. F**K!
    The brewday was far too relaxed, for sure. The standard battery of chem is CaSO4, NaCl, and CaCl in various amounts. None of the chemicals are added strictly for pH adjustment purposes and all pH readings throughout the day were in spec.

    My questions is thus: as those chemicals are added to modify the flavor profile of the beer and the Ca supports yeast health and flocculation (and this is a biggish beer - 1.082 OG) could I simple boil up a small amount of water/wort with the chemicals and after cooling add it directly to the FV?


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    Shouldn't hurt to add them to the FV. Do you test your water before adding them? Does your water NEED more Ca+? As far as the salt, yeah, just go for it.