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Internal calandria question

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  • Internal calandria question

    We have a 50hl brewhouse, with an internal calandria and a steam jacket at the bottom.

    I have never used these kind of systems before. But you use the steam jacket to get the temperature up to near boiling, then you open the valves to the calandria.
    But what about the bottom steam jacket, should I turn that off or leave it on with low steam flow just to get uniform temperature in the kettle?

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    We use both the calandria and the steam jackets to get close to boiling, then only the calandria. If you turn on the steam jackets, you are going to interfere with the rolling boil of the calandria.
    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN


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      I use the bottom jacket to heat during run-off, once wort level reaches top of calandria, I put steam to it and close off bottom jacket.

      Tonopah Brewing
      Nevada USA


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        Run All Your Jackets

        We have a 40bbl kettle with a very large/oversized calandria. Our kettle has a bottom steam jacket, calandria, and a side jacket all tied into one steam controller and runs as so: Bottom>Calandria>Side. So to turn on steam to calandria the the bottom jacket needs to be open and to turn on the side jackets, both the bottom and calandria need to be open. We run boils with all three jackets on for 90 minutes, usually average 15%+ evaporations. Helps to remove any DMS precursors with such high boil rates.
        Jason Schlebach
        Pelican Brewing Company
        Tillamook, Oregon


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          It depends

          Most but not all kettles designed with an internal calandria are designed to run with boiling the wort with only steam going to the calandria. Think about this: when wort is recirculating through the calandria, there is only one direction for the heat to go (into the wort). In the case of the bottom and side jackets, they are there to get the wort near boiling (the heat from those jackets can go into the wort or radiate out away from the kettle), then switch to the calandria when the wort is actively boiling.


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            Up to boil we use 100% bottom, then knock it back with 70% bottom and 30% collandria. But you can run it differently for what you find best.
            Head Brewer Rocks Brewing Co.
            Sydney, Aust