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  • Carbonation Diffusion Question

    Hi all,

    Quick home brew scale question regarding a theory I have not yet tested. Force carbonation, everyone seems to have there own wonky method and trying nearly all of them and not yielding consistent results made me really think about what is happening in my kegs.

    Tell me if this sounds about right.

    Let's say its a perfect world and I'm shooting for 2.5 volumes of co2 in my beer. And just to say a number let's say the required pressure is 10 psi. I now hypothetically rack my beer from the fermenter to my keg and instead relying on head pressure alone to slowly dissolve co2 into the solution and instead of cranking up the reg to 30 psi and rolling the keg around for 2 to 5 minutes. Would it be safe to say that if I set the regulator to 10 psi (pressure required to achieve target volumes) and agitated the beer until it can not hold any more gas (you would here the gas stop flowing from the regulator at this point) will the beer after settling and equalizing be properly carbonated by the next day?



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    I've done this and it works but it takes forever. You will also need to trust the accuracy of your co2 regulator and maintain the proper temp for your co2 head pressure.