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Trench Drain Connection

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  • Trench Drain Connection

    This feels like a silly question, but I have to ask. Where do breweries typically connect the trench drain system? I'm thinking the sewer main, but how do you make that connection without sewer gases or worse possibly back flowing into the trench?

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    Trench drain connection

    Your trench drain fall would terminate in a trap that would connect to the building line that then connects to the city sewer.
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      Yes, the city codes will require a P-trap at the end of the trench drain, before it connects to the sewer.
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        If you don't install that P-trap be prepared to be the hot new wild-ale brewer in your area... intentionally or not


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          Thanks for all the responses - that helps! We definitely don't want to be the "hot" wild ale brewer unintentionally! LOL

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            If you are unsure about plumbing, find a plumber, at least to ask questions and get advice from. There are lots of things, along with traps that you should have in place. and this varies by municipality. Clean outs, vents, the appropriate slope. Don't want to be an ass, but a p-trap is pretty common and if you aren't sure how to use it you should get help, you can really mess up your system if something is wrong. Worse yet, if the inspector sees it and it looks like someone who had no idea what they were doing put it in, you will find passing inspections infinitely more difficult from that point forward. That said, I did almost everything in our build out, but did have two trades come in and do things that were high risk, and I think people should do it more often, you will really know how everything works and how to fix it then.