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  • PAA proper mix

    hey everyone im in the process of getting are new bottling line in im also going to start washing my bottles with PAA(Peracetic Acid ) and cip with it also
    the question is what is the doseing rate everyone is using in a five gal bucket and so on
    any help would be great
    cheers matt 3GB

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    Without knowing the concentration of your specific PAA, that is an impossible question to answer. While most on the market is 5%, I have also seen 7.5%, 10 % and 15%. I recommend talking to the chemical company and asking for recommend dose for the product you use.


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      Typically it is about 1-2oz per 5 gallons.....but like the previous poster mentioned, it is impossible to know without knowing the chemical you are using. Best thing is to ask your chem salesman, he would know and if he doesn't, get another salesman. They also sell test kits that test the ppm...used them in previous breweries. Again, ask your salesman and he can probably hook you up with one.


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        THANKS GUY i should know what the percentage is when i get my order tomorrow i ordered from country malt group i try to contact there supplier to find out more info but no call back yet
        thanks again cheers matt 3GB


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          Titrate to verify

          Your chemical supplier ought to be able to provide you with a titration kit so you can verify the concentrations you are using. For sanitizing equipment you want to be in the 100-150ppm range, with at least 5 mins contact time (longer is better). Any stronger a concentration and you are not only wasting chemical, but you will prematurely age your gaskets and other soft parts via oxidation.
          For rinsing bottles you don't need to sanitize the glass, as it should come sanitary from your glass supplier. You want to dose your rinse water just to make sure you aren't introducing contaminants in the water itself. To achieve this you want to dose your rinse water to about 2-3ppm peracetic acid. Much stronger than that and any residual sanitizer in your bottles when you fill will prematurely oxidize your beer, since PAA breaks down into oxygen and water. The easiest way to get such a low concentration is double dilution: collect some of your CIP sanitizing water, titrate it to verify your concentration, then use that number to calculate how much of it to add to your rinse water to get it to 2-3ppm.

          Hope that helps. Feel free to pm me with any other questions.
          Walker Pruett
          Production Manager
          Imperial Yeast
          Portland, OR