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  • Acceptable weld quality

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    So, I order a wall mount drip tray from a major US supplier, and I receive one that I deem as unacceptable, scratch, the inside of the welds are burnt, dark brown. They agree to exchange it, admitting that the brown discoloration should not be there. Eventually the replacement arrives, that is the one in the picture, it is worse! So this time they tell me that "Michael. Unfortunately this is the welding process, and this is how the trays come. If you want to return 2nd tray you may. I do not suggest purchasing a 3rd one"

    Really? Should I accept this?

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    Return it and don't buy a 3rd one. The best way to show displeasure with the quality is to return it for money back and never purchase from them again. If everyone followed that practice then maybe only quality manufacturers would be in business. Instead we complain until they finally make one correctly and turn around and start this process over again with someone who would possibly not be so pursuant.


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      Why not get a local welder to make one for you? Most health departments require rounded smooth corners for easy sanitation.


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        A welder on a prominent race team once told me a great weld should look a line of dimes over lapping each other. just so you know what to look for.


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          My current day job is in a machine shop that makes custom automation. We do a lot of welding here of stainless and I can tell you that nobody here would allow that weld to pass. A good welder can weld that together to where you wouldn't even notice that it is welded. Send it back and find a real welder. This was either made in China or by some hack in his garage.


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            Everyone else is right. That weld was overheated and had very poor penetration. If they don't cover return shipping, having it repaired should be pretty simple (although a brand new part shouldn't need that, I understand)

            On another note, I wouldn't expect a drip tray to be back purged (although it is a very simple process to cover it and shield the rear) but I would expect proper welds showing good 'rainbowing' of the stainless.