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How tall is your cold room?

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  • How tall is your cold room?

    How tall is your cold room (the one you use to store finished kegs/bottles, should you have more than 1 cold room)?

    Do you wish you had sized yours differently in terms of height of the door or height of the ceiling?

    We have 18-20 ft height depending on where in the building we place ours and I am trying to determine if it is worth the extra money to really max out our height vs stopping at 12-13 ft.

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    We have a 14' ceiling in ours. This allows us to (carefully) triple-stack pallets of kegs and cases with our forklift. Obviously, higher ceilings mean higher loads on your cooling system.

    The biggest change I would make if building a new finished product cooler would be two doors, one at each end, to allow easier stocking and fronting.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.