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Accidently used un-milled grain

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  • Accidently used un-milled grain

    My malted grain was supposed to be cracked when I got it. Turns out alot of it wasn't. I wasn't paying attention and mash with it anyway. Can I add sugar to the wort and if so how much?

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    What was your target OG and what was your actual OG?


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      I'd start over and pay attention next time! Win some, lose some. At least you won't do that again. Better luck next time!
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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        OG was supposed to be 1.050 I was at 1.030.


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          Originally posted by Dailybrewz View Post
          OG was supposed to be 1.050 I was at 1.030.
          What Philip said.


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            Could be a nice Session beer.


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              My guess is the beer is going to have permanent haze from the unconverted starch in the mash. While the beer may come out as a tasty session beer, the presentation may not be in your brewery's best interest to distribute. I wouldn't guarantee the beer's shelf stability either.


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                Cut your losses and dump it. Chalk it up to experience (but give yourself a demerit for not checking in the first place... Attention. To. Detail.) No use tying up tank space, chilling, etc. on a f@cked up beer. And it's not worth sacrificing your brand or integrity forcing out a substandard beer, particularly if you are just starting out. First impressions matter...

                Reminds me of the mid '90s when folks were trying to foist infected beer as "Belgian style." Man, that would make my blood boil... They used to HANG people for that in the middle ages.

                Most of those folks didn't survive when the *first* bubble burst. Let's see what happens next time: Winter is Coming. Anyone pay attention at the last few CBCs? QUALITY is going to drive this industry's growth!!! "Accidentally" making beer with unmilled grain is a huge red flag, dude...

                Sorry to be a downer, but to quote Mitch Steele: “If you are starting a brewery, please, for God’s sake, hire someone who knows what they’re doing.”

                Best of luck, man.



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                  I'm a rookie, so take this with a grain of salt. But i agree with Mike here. There is plenty of room for great beer, but no room for mediocre. I would dump it...