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Mice coming in on grain shipments?

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  • Mice coming in on grain shipments?

    We've been dealing with a mouse problem for over a year. Last Winter, it was really bad. We utilized a local pest contractor, and they've helped us reduce the amount of mice, but they're still around. We've found a few access points and sealed those up, and that definitely helped. We've set bait boxes all around the outside of the building, and some inside (away from grain storage areas) as well as tin-cat traps. Outside bait stations definitely show activity, and it has slowed down over the past several months. But we still catch about 5-10 mice inside of the building each month. I'd like to get that number as close to zero as possible.

    I'm trying to figure out how they're getting in... we've searched the perimeter of the building dozens of times and sealed every hole we can find (any hole bigger than a ballpoint pen cap). We're wondering if the mice might be coming in on our grain shipments. We get grain from BSG, shipped on pallets. Haven't immediately noticed bags with holes in them, but there could still be mice onboard. Has anyone ever CONFIRMED mice coming in on grain shipments? It wouldn't surprise me, but I do want to know if it has ever been 100% confirmed. Otherwise, I guess we need to keep looking for holes on the outside of the building...
    Neil Chabut
    Eudora Brewing Co.
    Brewery and BOP
    Kettering, OH

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    We have had mouse problems in the past too, always getting worse in the winter plus having a brewery in the middle of the city doesn't help. We had been pretty relaxed about leaving doors open to our malt room, which just encouraged a free for all on our grain supply. The best thing we did was reinforce the importance of door closing, and then bought a few wifi motion cameras and posted them up around the malt room. From the video, we could see where the weak spots were, closed them up and laid traps in high traffic areas. Our mouse activity is significantly lower now, almost non existent.

    Totally possible for mice to come in on grain, part of our receiving process for ingredients is to inspect pallets. This includes looking for droppings on the slats, holes in bags ect. It may not even be from the supplier warehouse but from any shipping distribution locations.


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      Thanks for the input. Never thought of using wifi cameras... that might help me figure out how they're getting in, if it's not via grain shipments.