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  • replacing hoses

    The white butyl? hose on my electric system burst again, and I am looking to replace all of it. 1/2 inch id and 3/4 id, 3/4 and 1 inch od respectively. Braided silicone? what do I use that stands up to the heat and pressure of the brewing process? probably 50 ft of each. Do I need to go with goodyear, or something like it? This hose is 1/8 inch thick, but obviously does not do well with pressure.

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    We've used Glidetech and Goodyear and both are pretty good for what you are using it for. Both are rated for temp and pressure far beyond what you should need in a brewery. Don't know if they come in the sizes you mention, most breweries I've seen are using 1" and 2".

    If your hoses are bursting though, you need to upgrade, that could be pretty dangerous. We had a very old hose burst and spray hot caustic all over a room. Luckily the guy was out of the room but had to wait till it stopped spraying 40 gallons of caustic all over before turning off the pump. Also lucky that the only real casualty was our stereo.


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      Check out Archon. They're out of northern NJ I think. I replaced my crappy GW Kent hoses with 1 1/2" hoses from them (with banded tri-clamp ends) a few years ago and the price was fair. Cheaper than Goodyear. And shipping was really reasonable.
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        Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice.