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  • Production minimums

    Does anyone know if there are any TTB or other federal agency minimum production requirements for microbreweries? Upon reviewing the ABC law in my state (NY), it seems the law requires for at least 50 bbls. to be manufactured annually. Are there any federal requirements like this? I wouldn't be surprised if the macros had lobbied for such requirements or it was used as a tool to keep the tax revenue rolling in, but couldn't seem to find such a rule. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I am unaware of any federal minimum production levels. One would think that with the licensing, bonding, reporting burdens, etc., that below a certain level the financial burden would be a limiting factor. (In theory, anyway.) On the state level, it likely has to do with keeping every basement enthusiast from getting a license for their purposely unprofitable 'hobby' and pestering the already busy ABC with paperwork and tax filings of $3.
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      Thank you. I thought I read something about one somewhere, but your response makes sense. Appreciate the help!