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Triclover clamp thread size 1.5"

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  • Triclover clamp thread size 1.5"

    I am trying to determine what size the threads are for a 1.5" triclamp. Not around my measuring tools so unable to self determine.

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    a 1.5" triclamp fitting fits a 1.5" stainless tube, meaning that the outer diameter of the tube is 1.5"
    The actual ferrule (triclamp end) is close to 2" in diameter.

    The same size ferrule is used in a 1" triclamp, but the tube is 1"od. if you order 1"od triclamp gaskets they will fit a 1.5" triclamp but the hole in the middle is smaller.

    you can get different tube wall thicknesses for different applications.

    Pipe thread (NPT= national pipe taper) refers to the inside diameter of the pipe, so according to the chart below 3/4npt is 1.050" outside diameter.

    check with gwkent. they have good info on this as well.


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      If you mean the threads on the clamp itself, they are 5/16" X 18 tpi on most clamps. Some of the super-heavy-duty clamps--with nuts and bolts instead of wingnuts--can go to 1/2" X 16 (?) tpi.
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