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Running a 110v alarm from two separate 110v Inkbird outlets- OK to do?

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  • Running a 110v alarm from two separate 110v Inkbird outlets- OK to do?

    I have two 20' shipping containers insulated and set up as coolbot beer storage rooms. I want to set up an alarm that activates when the temperature in either box is too high; there's no access to wifi or telephone so I will use a 110v flashing alarm/klaxon on the roof of one of the boxes as a signal. I'm putting an Inkbird temperature controller in each container that will activate its cooling circuit (110v) when the box reaches a preset high temperature. I'm trying to figure out how to use only one alarm klaxon (the boxes are only 3' apart) so I figure I can run a 110 volt pair from each inkbird outlet to the alarm, and have both pairs connected simultaneously to the alarm leads. If EITHER box activates its cooling circuit the alarm should sound without an issue; I just don't understand what would happen if BOTH Inkbirds are active at the same time and feeding the alarm. Is it like batteries in parallel and the voltage stays the same, no problem? Or is it somehow additive or dangerous in a way that puts people or equipment at risk? If only one Inkbird circuit is active, does it feed back into the other Inkbird circuit that is not active and cause problems? (If it's any help, both Inkbirds and thus both cooling circuits will be plugged into the same UPS that is plugged into the same 110 outlet in one of the boxes.) Sigh....electricity....I'd rather clean 100 dirty half kegs by hand than figure out electrical stuff ;-)

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    Pretty simple circuit. The ink bird contacts Normally Open (NO) and Common (C) should be “dry” contacts; meaning no power, just a switch leg. Power up the ink birds, run one side of your power to the light/klax then the other side of the power through the NO & C. I added a switch so you could turn it off to service it.

    DM me if you have any questions and I’ll give you a call back. I do refrigeration for a living and build these things all the time of varying complexity.

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      Holy cow, this is enormously helpful.... THANK YOU!! Patrick