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  • brewery regulations electrics

    we are in the process of building our brewery.
    When it comes to installing our cabling in the brewery, does the conduit have to be stainless which is food safe but not water proof or can you have waterproof plastic which is not food safe.
    All breweries I have visited have had stainless. Is this a regulation with food production?

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    I can't speak for outside the UK, but assuming you are in Arundel Sussex, not elsewhere in the world, then all electrics anywhere near water or dust must be IP 65, i.e. dust and water proof (or very highly resistant). Plenty of breweries have exposed wiring all over the place, but securely fastened up in or to some sort of trunking which may or may not be covered, unless to say a portable pump. The key to it is to have properly insulated cable and entries into cabinets, pumps, instruments etc. Domestic twin & earth wiring is not suitable. If the cabling is generally kept at high level then open trunking / traywork is generally considered fine.

    A word of warning if you are thinking of buying Chinese kit. Not all of it is anywhere near IP 65 standard, even though they may have stamped it as such - I have seen a few installations where the suppliers stated it was, and you definitely wouldn't want to go anywhere near it with water or steam.

    Safety with electricity in a wet environment such as a brewery is paramount. Your insurance is likely to be invalidated by improper installation. You really need the advice of a qualified industrial electrician.


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      The conduit you saw was highly likely NOT stainless, but instead galvanized. I've never seen stainless conduit in over 20 years of installing breweries (except as cord guides on some German equipment). As for food grade, your electrical equipment isn't inside your beer, nor even close to it, so there is no chance of incidental contact. More importantly is to have a system that you can clean thoroughly and safely. Never use pressure washers on electrical equipment! I do not use conduit, but instead properly designed cable trays with short drops to terminations. Those drops usually heavy SO cord for 3-phase, or 18 gauge x 3C for control with nylon strain relief/waterproof glands at boxes or RTD heads. It might not meet every standard everywhere, so I would check local electrical expert for advice.
      Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--