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  • CO2 supply lines

    Hey ya'll, I know shit is always changing in this industry... What is the preferred supply line on the high pressure side of CO2 delivery these days? I'm worried about the permeability of my braided vinyl tubing. What is better, I was thinking copper, but concerned about sanitizing it properly, I used to used about 150ppm PAA on braided vinyl, thinking that might not be good for copper. I have seen a few people recommend stainless coiled tubing, but the welded stuff is the only reasonable option price wise. Is that smooth enough internally to get sanitized by PAA? The other thing people recommend is Alex, however that is not stable in UV light and I have a ton of natural light in the brewery area. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts on materials and sanitizing of CO2 lines. Cheers, Rooh

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    Would it be possible to sanitize the copper with 85c or hotter water? At my old job we got brite tanks from green flash and they had copper lines running down the spray ball arm with quick disconnects. After looking at old pictures of the brewery I assumed this was for Co2