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Hair and Beard nets ICK

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  • Hair and Beard nets ICK

    In all my years of doing this I have never been asked about having to wear face/beard nets but I have been asked by customers 3 times in the last 2 months why we dont have to. My reply is have you ever had a hair in your beer of course I get the deer in the headlights look and then I just say see it works just fine without them but can someone tell me why we dont. I sure as hell dont want to wear them but they see us right over the top of the kettle sometimes head almost in the kettle to see thru the steam so I thought I would see what ya have to say
    Mike Eme

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    You could spin them the tale of the yeast-from-the-beard ala

    John Maier at Rogue

    and see what deer-in-the-headlights look you get then. Seriously, I don't have any answer for that. But I do have a similar issue in my fishbowl brewhouse in our brewpub. Many is the time when customers can see my sweaty mug dripping into the tun during dough in. Does not matter if I wear a hat, sweatband, whatever. I'm just one of those lucky few where the combination of heat + the slightest exertion on the planet = profuse sweating. Have only had one customer ask about it. Can't remember what I said to pacify them.
    Dave Cowie
    Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company
    Nevada City, CA


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      Just get indignant and shout "Do you know how much of my blood and sweat I put into this beer!?!"
      Russell Everett
      Co-Founder / Head Brewer
      Bainbridge Island Brewing
      Bainbridge Island, WA


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        Actually if you look at the Good Brewing Practices (GBP) that every brewery should have in place, (required by law) it specifically tells you where you are required to wear a beard net.


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          We had a inspector (state of Ohio) in, they did not require our brewers or cellar employees to wear beard nets, but the bottling room employees do.

          Funny story, one of our guys went to a fast food joint on his break from the bottling room, walked in, got to the counter and realized he forgot his wallet. Went back out to his car got it, greeted the cashier again, ordered and walked out. It wasn't until he got to the outside door that he saw his reflection with his beard net on ;-)


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            With as much crap as the health district has been giving me lately I'm surprised that they didn't say anything about that. They want me to police my grain dust because it "can't go down the storm drains" however saw dust is just fine.
            Justin Crawford
            Head Brewer
            Valholl Brewing Co. LLC
            Poulsbo, Washington