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What are u doing for footwear

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  • What are u doing for footwear

    I am getting close to writing some SOP for footwear. For years we have all worn the servus type fire boots but the big issue with that is if hit wort or chemicals drop o to the boot they just sit there and and cause some serious soft tissue injuries.

    Caustics and acids can destroy leather and the gore Tex shoes leak after a few weeks. Somewhere there has to be a shoe/boot that isn't heavy as hell and is comfortable to wear and doesn't cost $200+
    Mike Eme

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    The Roughnecks in Oil/Gas field are probably the best source of information on boots. I have used Rocky's before and they were fairly comfortable. If you are going steel toe you will lose some of the comfort factor. Here's a decent boot at a really good price....


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      Check out I wear the Bullfrog shorty and love them. one piece molded EVA and super comfortable and absolutely non slip. Best boot I have ever worn and holds up great! Plus less than $50 and they send out coupons all the time.
      Mike Pensinger
      General Manager/Brewmaster
      Parkway Brewing Company
      Salem, VA


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        Tingley Snugleg Neoprene with the Safety Lock sole.


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          keens work boots I get mine for 130 and they last a long time. steel toe and non slip options


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            OriginallyHoneywell Servus Dipped Neoprene with Steel Toe:
            at some point we switched to these which seem practically the same.
            Xtratuf Steel Toes:


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              McMaster-Carr ftw

              These are the best:


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                BOGS boots range include snow boots, work boots, rain boots, farm boots and garden boots. Our kids boot, women’s boots, and men’s boot provide comfort and protection from rain, snow, and anything mother nature throws at them. See our best-selling winter boots, rain boots, and farm boots. Free Shipping.

                I like the low cut boots. They work well for my work environment.


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                  At our brewery we are outside a lot in a high alpine environment. Therefore snow and ice are all part of the job. Many of the plain rubber work boots are not up to the task of walking, let alone standing on snow and ice. We recently upgraded to Muck boots, with vibram soles and steel toes. These are MUCH more comfortable and have 10x the grip of the boots we used to use. They are kinda bulky, which is the only thing I don't like as I am already rocking size 13's.

                  I think these are the ones: