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Campden tablets broader use?

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  • Campden tablets broader use?

    I know Campden tablets are used to remove chloramines in water, and that it is used to kill wild yeast in cider. Has anyone ever considered or used campden tablets in the same context as with cider but added them to newly transferred wort, prior to pitching yeast?

    What I'm curious about is pitching a similar percentage of campden tablets (as is used for cider) to a fermenter filled with wort - to kill off anything wild that might have by chance gotten into the wort during transfer, wait 24 hours, then pitch yeast. Could that help reduce the chance of something foreign taking hold of a batch?

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    The wort is sterile after boiling, so providing you have cleaned the plant downstream of the wort kettle, AND you yeast is infection free, your beer will be infection free.

    Why would you want to waste 24 hours and risk sulphury aromas (a I dread to think what other off flavours will develop due to chemical reaction) in the beer from the campden tablets.


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      A healthy pitch will prevent spoiling because it drops the pH and begins fermenting quickly. What Dick said, why waste 24 hours, and risk off flavors from the tabs.


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        Got ya. Was just curious, since it's a technique used for cider - and wondering what the difference would or could be.

        I might try it on a gallon of run off or something - just to see what would happen.

        Anyway, thanks.