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Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinkin' Kegs!

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  • Dirty, Rotten, Filthy, Stinkin' Kegs!

    We opened our taproom about 2-1/2 weeks ago and as we've emptied kegs I've been storing them in our (very tiny and crowded) cooler until I get enough dirty ones to Warrant (see what I did there) cleaning them. I figure it's not a bad idea to keep them cold so as to inhibit any funky growth in or on them.
    Is this overkill? Would we be just as well off storing the dirty ones somewhere less tight for space at room temp.?

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    If you can afford the space, and particularly if you are not removing all microorganisms by filtration, with sterile filtration or pasteurisation, and some kegs can be stored for weeks before cleaning, then this would not be a bad idea - simply space and a little energy consuming. It will help limit growth of residual yeast and bacteria, and make it easier to ensure effective cleaning. If you are talking a few days only, then it probably isn't worth the hassle / expense.

    An alternative might be to simply water rinse them ASAP, i.e. within a few days, and store them rinsed only. This alone will help matters.

    If you had traditional British style casks, then the sooner they are rinsed or full cleaned after emptying, the better. One of the common problems in the UK at least is fruit fly pupae in casks - but as I say, this is a problem with this style of package only.

    Keeping them in a cold store in winter when the ambient temperature is less than say 10 C should also not be necessary as any growth of residual yeasts etc will be minimal.


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      Cool! Thanks for the feedback!