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  • Insurance

    Hello Folks,

    Putting a brewery, as with everyone else, together. I am having trouble finding quotes on general liability and workers comp. We're a production facility in a 13000 sq ft space with 5 employees. Any guesses as to my annual costs? The cost of health insurance is ridiculous! How do most small breweries address that issue? Any brewing-centric insurance agencies?

    Thanks for the Help.

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    Here is something that has been mentioned a few times

    Also, just check with any insurance agent in your state for your needs. 1M/2M aggregate is common and many retail stores will require it if you want to be a vendor.


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      I have addressed these issues by starting out as a one man operation in a 900 square foot space... no worker's comp...only health care for myself. Check out this thread:

      Alston was super helpful and can help you figure out your necessities...
      Cheers -


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        I appreciate the suggestions.

        Thank you.


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          I've had an agent mention that product insurance would probably be a requirement. Have all you breweries out there found this to be the case?

          Thank you.


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            I can't encourage you enough to buy Products Liability insurance. Not doing so would be like a Doctor not having malpractice insurance. You may never need it, but you might. Some customers/distributors may require you to have it. Because if you don't and they sell your product, they won't want to be left holding the bag. Remember, even if there was nothing wrong with your product, the coverage still pays for legal fees to defend you.



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              Also, look in to damaged/bad product insurance. Bugs do exist in breweries and malt and hops are pricy. It's not a lot but it helps when a batch goes bad, power loss, etc.