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Document Operation Instructions for Equipment

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  • BrewinLou
    Or maybe those in the front office need to come on down and spend a day doing every job in the brewery so they have a good idea what their employees do, and how all the equipment works. Maybe there would be a better understanding on all sides as to how complex and demanding running the big machines can be, and quite possibly a little more respect on both sides of the fence.
    Just saying even a well written operator manual is not going to stop a rookie from sticking his hand in a running labeler and wondering why there is a hole in his hand.

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  • banjo
    started a topic Document Operation Instructions for Equipment

    Document Operation Instructions for Equipment

    I just saw a post where a brewery's operation was stalled because their bottling line operator quit and no one else knew how to run the line. This is a good lesson for all breweries. Every brewery operation should have a corresponding manual for operation. Not necessarily just the factory manual, which of course is good to have, but personal notes from the operator covering the unique idiosyncrasies of your equipment's/lines operation. It's a pain in the butt and I'm sure there will probably be a lot of complaints about having to do it but it is a very valuable resource to have on file for many reasons and a valuable asset to pass on if you expand and want to sell that equipment to another brewery.
    Just my 2 cents...