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Pressurizing Beer In A 1/2 Barrel Keg

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  • Pressurizing Beer In A 1/2 Barrel Keg

    How is the beer served in 1/2 barrel kegs carbonated; prior to being transferred to the keg or in the keg itself. What special equipment, if any, is needed to do this?

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    Beer is carbonated in a bright or serving tank and keged off. However, carbonating in kegs is possible. If you explain your situation and goals a more detailed responce would be possible. Or is this just a general question?
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      You'll get better results and more consistant results carbing in the bright tank.


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        Curiosity more than anything is driving this question. Using Corney Kegs to me was pretty much self explanatory, but the Sanke Keg was a different matter. Thank you.


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          If your question is relating to a commercial application, then a bright tank is definitely the best (albeit most expensive) solution. Fairly consistent carbonating is possible without one though.

          You can simply tap an uncarbonated keg of beer with an attached Co2 vessel the same way you would with serving, but instead of having a beer line running to a tap, just cap it off. Leave it for two days (no need to shake or roll it) and you've got carbonation. The trick is to make sure you're using the correct pressure/temperature to achieve the volumes you need and to do it the exact same every time.