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can this be fixed?

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  • can this be fixed?

    i was wondering if anyone knows if this can be fixed? or who made it? not sure if it leaks or anythings its for sale online dirt cheap. not sure why the second image is on there, i'm asking about the brite tank.
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    Can what be fixed?

    What is wrong with it?
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      The pressure rating of the door would match that of the tank. So better check the tank rating, it's probably too low. The back seating lid, indicates a higher pressure rating for the vessel. So this front seating type, is not a mistake, it's the right design for this tank.

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        What he said....

        J Scholb is right. Do NOT try to "fix" this by making the manway stronger. Your modification to make it "stronger" will just make a bomb out of it. Safety first! Do it right and buy a tank that is rated to 1 bar to begin with. Pressure vessels are nothing to toy with; take it from a guy who nearly got himself killed by such a "fixed" tank.
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