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  • help with FV

    hello i am looking for some help or advice on this FV,

    would like to know what accessories i am missing it is as shown on pictures.

    also it has no racking arm will this be a problem?

    i dont know what that type of blowoff thing is.

    the manway is boyer company and rubber of the manway is pretty old and crust would to find a spare to cahnge.

    attached are pictures any help or advice greatly appreciated.

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    The racking arm could be an issue. You can get away with it for sure, but at the expense of clarity or product loss. Is the lower analog thermometer on a tc fitting or threaded? Maybe you can have a racking on made if it is TC. It looks like you may need a butterfly valve on the CIP arm. The "blow off" you are holding in your hand appears to be a huge PRV, it should state a pressure spec on it somewhere.


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      Manway looks like the standard design model that Specific Mechanical used or uses. May use one of their gaskets. Need better pics.

      Unsure the purpose of the lower temp gauge, if it is TC connected, then you may be able to build a racking arm of some sort there.

      Is the bottom dump port welded to the bottom of the cone, or is it a TC fitting to attach the bottom pipe. If TC, then it may be possible to fabricate a double port stand pipe.

      Need much more information.

      Is it jacketed? Where is the thermowell?
      Todd G Hicks
      BeerDenizen Brewing Services


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        i would like to find a supplier where i can get rubber fitting for the manway as the one i have is has been deteriorated with time. the leght is 1' and width 18" oval shape.

        unfortunate the thermomter is threaded fitting. the bottom of the FV is with TC fitting; what is this double port stand pipe you speak of?

        the thermowell is in the back of the FV, it is jacketed.

        any advice is welcome! cheers!

        you can try - contact and ask them

        If you could replace the bottom 1 1/2" TC with a 4" TC stub, you could build one of these.

        Click image for larger version

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        Todd G Hicks
        BeerDenizen Brewing Services