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Brite tank repair

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  • Brite tank repair

    Picked up a used tank a few weeks ago. 15bbl single wall.

    There was a pour spout attached for sampling. And somehow I broke it off. Now have a 1/4 inch hole in my tank.

    Are there any noon weld options to plug or ideally add another sampling spout?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Maybe you can consider to weld a 1.5"TC port to cover this hole
    if you don't need this port,you can use a 1.5"TC cap to seal it.

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      You could use a stainless bulkhead fitting. Basically the same as a tap shank. Threaded pipe and two spud nuts with seals on them.

      I wouldn't recommend it though, as the threads will have a potential to harbor contaminants. Have a stainless welder come and tig it. It should be a relatively easy job, and you might be able to pay with beer. Make sure he offers to back the work after pressure testing, which I would suggest you do with a full tank of water as opposed to gas. Make sure he runs a flap disc of a fine grade, 150 grit or finer, and be sure to re-passivate the tank after the work. You will be thankful you met a good welder in the future, and you wont have to worry about contaminants hiding in the repairs.


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        Definitely use water to fill the tank prior to pressurisation testing - otherwise you have a bomb in the brewery. The insurance guys will never use gas pressurisation for testing - far too dangerous. Welding is the only realistic, long term option.


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          Got it, thank you.

          I do need to find a welder but will prob get a bulkhead fitting until i find one.

          I'm not going to be filling for a few months and need to spend time working on my process and learning how to correctly use the tank. Im lucky to have a bunck of local breweries so should be able to find one. I also dont want a hole for bugs to crawl in until then.


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            If you are not going to fill for a few months, then I would just stick a piece of duct tape over it for now and save the money to get the proper welding done. A good stainless bulkhead fitting (I would suggest Swagelok) is not super cheap (although not too bad either). It will also be suspect at leaking under pressure. HLT I would say no worries, but BBT no way. If you have other local breweries around, I am sure that at least one can suggest a good welder to come in and do the work. You are going to have to run a proper CIP and passivation on the tank before filling anyways, so there is really no benefit to the the temporary bulkhead. Extra cost, and extra work. Just my $0.02

            And definitely use water to pressure test, its an issue of safety.

            To Sungood's point, you may consider having the welder put on a 1.5" TC ferrule in place of the broken port. Then you can attach a zwickle, carbstone, cap or temp probe in the future.