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Adding Fermax to sluggish fermentation

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  • Adding Fermax to sluggish fermentation

    I have a higher gravity fermentation that has almost ground to a halt. Can I add Fermax directly to the FV and “stir” with O2 to reenergize the fermentation?

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    Anyone have any experience using Fermax?


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      I don’t use Fermax, but believe it is just DAP (yeast nutrient). - No it won’t be the magic bullet you’re looking for.

      It all depends on WHY your fermentation has stalled, but nutrients are not going to make unfermentable wort become fermentable. If it’s a wort problem you would need certain enzymes.

      If your yeast has truly just stalled out but the wort is fermentable, then you will need to prop it back up to re-pitch. A lot of details involved but that’s the basics. Yeast nutrients do not make yeast active, but rather supply necessary replacement of stuff used during cell replication.


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        You don't say at what residual PG the fermentation has stopped. If it has stopped with plenty, let's say 20 degrees still to go, you should be able to repitch with good viable yeast, aerate and ferment the residue out without creating a diacetyl bomb. Try doing that with only say 5 or 10 degrees left - you are really risking it. Here, the best option is to brew another one or two (hoping this isn't a one off) and blend away. I have had to repitch and aerate for a couple of high gravity one-offs, but have also blended away one of our regular barley wines (3 or 4 brews a week at that time!!) We used to intermittently aerate from 12 hours after collection, until the gravity was down to about 40 - but of course, your yeast will react differently and this was a well proven large brewery product (ca 500 hl per brew) so we knew what we were doing with this beer. OG 1.104