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Abbaye Poor head Retention ?

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  • Abbaye Poor head Retention ?

    Hi guys,

    We are having a small problem with one of our beer, and maybe you guys could help ?

    We were brewing a beer with us-05 and we changed to lallemand abbaye to get a bit more flavour. However the head retention is GONE.
    Nothing else apart from the yeast has changed.

    we add elderflower aroma and koriander. everything else is standart. Pils + Munich + american hops

    Have you guy had any foam problems with Abbaye before. Or using elderflower/koriander ?


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    I will admit to never having used coriander in brewing, but if this is the only beer you are having problems with head retention, then I suspect the oils in coriander seed are killing the head. I must admit to being a bit surprised as I understood from long lost contacts that they used whole seeds in their wheat beers - perhaps the head retention properties of wheat outweigh the effect of oils in the coriander seeds. Perhaps you could try using powder instead, which I believe is largely oil free.

    However, I am more than happy to be corrected / advised by others who have. or do use coriander seeds.


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      Hi Fernando, the LalBrew Abbaye strain generally has good head retention. Were the fermentation kinetics normal? Was there any indication that the yeast may have been stressed? Yeast stress can cause release of proteases that break down foam positive proteins. This would not be specific to the LalBrew Abbaye strain though.
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        Hi Fernando,
        I experience the same issue with Lallemand Abbaye. I brew one of my beer with that strain (Weissbier) and it is the only beer I brew that has consistently zero head retention. Thinking about swapping for another yeast just to see if there's a difference. Second possibility would the the rather low pH of that beer (usually between 3.95 and 4.1) that I can't explain.