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    I need a better way to store my yeast. I got a quote from Alpha Laval for their Carlsberg flask but it's $12 fucken grand. The Ferm-Flask from Sabco for $1800 is decent, but I don't really need a 1/2bbl of yeast. I'll only ever need like 15lbs at one time.

    What are the differences between the Alpha Laval and the Sabco? Can I propagate in the Sabco one as well? We use multiple strains of yeast, and I'm trying to figure out the most cost effective way to harvest, propagate and maintain strains. Maybe just ordering it in is the best way to deal with it.

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    You can always harvest into a sixtel keg if that's your thing. I've gotten more than 30lbs of yeast into a sixtel before.


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      The problem is getting the yeast in AND out in sanitary conditions. I've used soda kegs, but they don't work that well either trying to dump that shit in through the man hole is a pain.


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        Attach a keg coupler to a triclamp fitting valve from the 'beer in' connector, attach a co2 tank and regulator to the 'gas in' connector on the coupler, hook up the triclamp to your fermenters botttom valve, blow the yeast in under 15 PSI.

        You should be using the same construction (tc to coupler) for harvesting into kegs anyway, the only new piece is the gas in line and the co2 tank. Don't forget to remove the check valve on the keg coupler.


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          So fill a 1/6bbl the same way I fill kegs with beer! Well fuck me running.....


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            Alfa Laval Carlsberg Flask

            If you want the Alfa Laval Scandibrew Carlsberg Flask we can get you a new one for $8900.00 USD.
            Your CPE Systems Team!
            CPE Systems Inc.


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              Yeah, $8900 or a keg you already have. Your choice. Lol


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                Originally posted by theomuller View Post
                Yeah, $8900 or a keg you already have. Your choice. Lol
      'll need one of these too:

                So now it's about 8876$.

                Jeremy Reed
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                  Get a Homebrew comical that can be pressurized.

                  Perhaps one of these


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                    Carlsberg Flask for sale


                    Angel City brewery has one to sell that we dont use anymore. You will need a few parts for it. Silicone hoses, bursting disk and quick opening key. We used a 15psi rated PRV (1.5in TC) instead of the bursting disk. The hoses are quite narrow so it does take a little while to push the contents out of the flask.
                    We are looking to get $5K OBO with shipping included.

                    Let me know if you would be interested.

                    Layton Cutler
                    Angel City Brewery
                    Los Angeles, CA 90012