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Room temp or cold as possible?

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  • Room temp or cold as possible?

    Just a question about yeast temp prior to pitching. I've read conflicting material and opinions about the temp you pitch yeast at. Some sources suggest keeping it as cold as possible until pitch time, others suggest warming it up to the wort temp to avoid shock. I've worked in places that have ascribed to either or. Opinions?

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    Yeah I'd really like to hear what other brewers are doing here as well. Until recently I had always pulled the yeast out of the walk-in relatively early in the brew day to let warm up. Recently I changed this since the temps in the brewery were getting so hot on brew days in the summer I was concerned the yeast was warming up too much and then being pitched into wort that was cooler than it was -- a no-no. So I am now pulling the brink out an hour or two before pitching. I did have one event after doing this where the yeast (wlp007) had a much longer lag. But I can't say for sure that this is why. Other times the same yeast performed just fine doing it this way.
    Dave Cowie
    Three Forks Bakery & Brewing Company
    Nevada City, CA


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      I've been pulling yeast out in the beginning of the day with no lag issues. I haven't seen any health issues either, everything looks good under the scope. And maybe that's my answer right there, but I haven't seen any consensus on the practice, interested to know where others stand.


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        In nearly 30years brewing, I have only ever pulled/pitched cold unless top cropping.


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          Yeah we have never bothered letting it warm up. I'd guess 45 might be as warm as it has ever become after sitting out a while waiting to pitch.
          Russell Everett
          Co-Founder / Head Brewer
          Bainbridge Island Brewing
          Bainbridge Island, WA


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            My yeast lives in a cooler in the basement next to where I store my grain cart. When I go down to get it for grainout during the boil, I bring the yeast up with me. I leave the vessel in a big sanitizer bath that's been sitting most of the morning, and so it warms up to ambient temp (but doesn't get "hot" even on summer days). It gets pitched about 2-3 hours after I pull it. It gives it a chance to warm up, and for me to shake it a few times to make sure everything is kicking and homogenized before I pitch it. I've always had great (and fast) starts to fermentation with this method.