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Brewing yeast studied for whisky production

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  • Brewing yeast studied for whisky production

    Brewing yeast achieves ‘promising’ results in whisky production
    Via The Drinks Business
    A study being carried out by Heriot-Watt University and the Port of Leith Distillery has found that certain strains of beer brewing yeast “possess promising characteristics for whisky production”.
    The project, which is called the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) and is funded by Innovate UK, will test over 20 strains of yeast over two years. The aim is to determine how each strain contributes to the flavour complexity of the whisky.
    The study notes that until the mid-20th century, many whisky distilleries shared their yeast with the local brewery or used a combination of both brewer’s and distiller’s yeasts to improve the flavour and mouthfeel.