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Yeast esters in finished beer

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  • Yeast esters in finished beer

    So im wondering if there are particular practices that will enhance the persistence of yeast esters into finished beer, and things to avoid doing so as to not lose them along the way.

    Recently made a beer that used a kveik yeast and ran hot, in the 90s. Esters were amazing. We lightly dry hopped at 1#/bbl and the finished beer lost all the aroma of the esters. Disappointing to say the least.

    So what are the keys to keeping those flavors prominent? Typically im trying to keep those esters subdued or behind the scenes to let hops shine. But dont think ive ever really focused that hard on maintaining them.

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    hopefully now with more time on our hands someone might chime in here- ?? all available info i find is typically geared towards hop aromas, not necessarily the yeast esters.

    trying to find out if there is a specific set of guidelines for maintaining/ preserving the yeast esters.