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Is uvarum and pastoranis (carlbergensis) the same?

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  • Is uvarum and pastoranis (carlbergensis) the same?

    Is this just a question of taxonomical semantics or are they different species under saccharomyces genus ? or are they considered distinctly different species from one another?

    If they are different are they both bottom fermenting (lager) type?

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    As of Argentina’s discovery in 2011, S. Pastorianus (Carlsbergensis) and S. Bayanus are thought to have evolved from hybridization of S. Eubayanus, S. Cerevisiae, and S. Uvarum (all three considered to be “pure” species).

    For many years S. Uvarum was thought to be the same as S. Bayanus, however many things labeled S. Bayanus were actually strains of S. Cerevisiae. Obviously there was lots of confusion before significant genetic testing was implemented.

    So yes, S. Pastorianus and S. Uvarum are in fact different species, although related. They are both somewhat cryo-tolerant, and would be classified as “bottom fermenting”. All species mentioned here are of the genus Saccharomyces.