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  • Working T-58

    Hi everyone,

    Has anyone had a great experience with T-58 on a commercial scale and willing to share some wisdom?

    Pitching rates?
    How much Oxygen?
    Temps and durations?

    Not interested in the homebrew scale as I've made 10 gallon test batches with this yeast with very nice results.

    I fermented a 23 barrel batch in an open fermenter, pitching on the lower end of the recommended dosage at 68F and fermented up to 78 or so. Quick happy fermentation going down from 15.8 to 3.9 in 36 hours.

    No more fermentation after that with a larger than desired phenol character - very unlike my test brews.

    I have identified one main difference - that there was some top pressure (building up to 8 pounds) in a sealed tank during a lengthy conditioning 45-52 degrees.

    Not what I would have done - but I am renting the brewery space 90 miles away and cannot get there often enough outside brewing, transferring and bottling. Okay, so I identified two problems!

    Any suggestions based on this or your experiences?

    Dann Paquette
    Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project
    Dann Paquette
    Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project
    Somerville, Massachusetts
    Once Upon A Time Beers
    "Beer is proof that Benjamin Franklin loves us" God

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    T-58 Experience

    I use it in our gluten free brown ale and love the stuff.

    Doing 30 bbl (35 hL) batches, slightly underpitching and fermenting at 68F (20C) its over in about 3 days, I adjust the temp control to 70F (21C) as fermentation is slowing so that the yeast can finish off without the chiller kicking in again and leave it at ferment temp for a few more days. Then chill to 32F and let it sit for a week for yeast to settle, filter, carbonate and bottle.

    I get a nice spicy character but no phenols, maybe you let it go too high (78F) at the end of ferment?

    Your attenuation seems about right.

    Andrew Lavery
    Brewery Manager
    O'Brien Brewing Pty Ltd


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      I used it in a big corn ale (8% cream ale) and really liked it. 25bbl batch with 1kg sprinkled dry on top of it. Fermented at 70-72 degrees and it had a nice spice with slight phenols.

      Mike Pensinger
      General Manager/Brewmaster
      Parkway Brewing Company
      Salem, VA