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Will Carbonic Acid Dissipate

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  • Will Carbonic Acid Dissipate

    Is there any way to get carbonic acid to dissipate? Will it lessen naturally with time?

    I believe what happened was that I had a carb stone malfunction, which led to CO2 dumping out the rod connection rather than go through the stone. Pressure built in the tank but the carb level hardly increased. Being under the gun for time, I had to crank up the regulator and push CO2 harder for about twice as long. That got us to our target of 2.65 vol, which is pretty normal for a number of our beers, but I pumped in a hell of a lot more CO2 than usual.

    Upon sensory the beer has quite the unpleasant carbonic bite to it. It's a hefeweizen, so the delicate flavors and mouthfeel are totally blown out, and I'm totally bummed out.

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    To prevent such carbonation problems, both flow and pressure at the carbonation stone must be measured. You could have caught the issue by noting a lower than usual pressure, even if the flow was correct. Also, when you tear down the BBT, and especially the carbonation stone, be sure to bubble test the assembly to verify that it behaves as it's supposed to. I believe what you are experiencing now is referred to as a "carbonic bite" and I don't think it goes away. Sorry.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--


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      Another option to prevent this problem in the future is an inline carbonation system. QuantiPerm offers several different economical automatic carbonation systems. One version of the system can carbonate up to 3 volumes while transferring to your bright tank. It shuts off after the carbonation is done so, you can walk away from the system and check in after the run. It also has remote monitoring capabilities so, you don't have to walk to the machine.
      More information on the system here:
      Mechanical Engineer, QuantiPerm