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clarification of the the term "dropping bright"

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  • clarification of the the term "dropping bright"

    Does the term "drop bright" refer to the green beer becoming more clear in the primary fermenter by racking ? or does it refer to the yeast dropping on its own accord in the secondary or conditioning tank possibly hastened with the help of fining agents?
    as a corollary, what do BBTs then actually refer to ?

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    Dropping bright is a term used to refer to beer clearing over time with or without fining agents and with or without racking. And whether you filter, fine, centrifuge, rack or age beer, when beer turns clear, it's bright. The tank term BBT usually refers to the tank from which product is packaged. A cloudy wheat beer may occupy a BBT. Not changing the name of the tank just because the contents aren't actually bright.
    Phillip Kelm--Palau Brewing Company Manager--