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Conditioning Outside/Outdoors

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  • dick murton
    There is no problem doing this providing the insulation is good quality - think 3 inches of PU foam rather than the commonly applied one inch, and covers the base as well as sides, not as is again very common, the sides only. The exterior cladding needs to be weather proof, and ideally with a cleanable weatherproof cover over the top fittings to keep rain off. I have seen birds nesting in the tops of vessels when they have been able to get under the covers! - so they need to be pretty closely sealed as well. I assume you will not have fixed pipework, but will drag hoses out to the tank(s) when required, so make sure your hygiene regime when connecting disconnecting is good.

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  • DanTheWelshMan
    started a topic Conditioning Outside/Outdoors

    Conditioning Outside/Outdoors

    Does anybody have conditioning tanks outside?
    Wondering about building a box around a 800 litre tank.
    Insulate with PIR.
    Wrap copper pipe around tank for cooling from remote cooler water ice bath.
    In North Wales, UK, so in a box temperatures hardly ever get above 22c.